Véronique Paquis: Director of the Genetics department at CHU Nice (France)


Valerio Carelli: Chief of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics at University of Bologna’s School of Medicine (Italy)



Scientific Organization Comittee


  • Vincent Procaccio (Angers, France)
  • Anu Suomalainen (Helsinki, Finland) 
  • Rita Horvath (Newcastle, UK)
  • Valeria Sonia Tiranti (Milan, Italy)  
  • Aleksandra Trifunovic (Cologne, Germany)
  • Giovanni Manfredi (New-York, USA)
  • Patrick Chinnery (Cambridge, UK)  
  • Michio Hirano (New-York, USA)  
  • Maria Falkenberg (Gothenburg, Sweden)  
  • Agnès Rotig (Paris, France)  
  • Jean-François Briand (Evry, France)
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