New models for genotype/phenotype correlation

16 September 2022
16-PM-Plenary-2 16:00 > 17:30 New models for genotype/phenotype correlation Athena Auditorium

16:00 MITOS5L1 Mechanisms and logic of mitochondrial metabolite signaling > E. Edward CHOUCHANI (Boston, Usa) 16:30 MITOS5L2 Modelling phenotypes of mitochondrial translation defects in vitro and in vivo > R. Rita HORVATH (Cambridge, Uk) 17:00 MITOS5L3 Mitochondrial genome engineering in vivo > M. Michal MINCZUK (Cambridge, Uk) 17:15 MITOS5L4 The first in human clinical application of autologous mesoangioblasts as cell therapy medical product in m.3243A>G mutation carriers > F. Florence VAN TIENEN (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
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