Flash session with hot topics

17 September 2022
17-AM-Plenary-2 10:30 > 12:15 Flash session with hot topics Athena Auditorium

10:30 MITOS8L1 Adapting DNA editing enzymes to treat mitochondrial disease > C. Carlos MORAES 10:45 MITOS8L2 Inhibition of mtDNA transcription has beneficial effects on metabolism > N-G. Nils-Göran LARSSON 11:00 MITOS8L3 About Neural stem cell trafficking and secretion of functional mitochondria via extracellular vesicles > S. Stefano PLUCHINO 11:15 MITOS8L4 Targeting metabolism to purge mutant mitochondrial DNAs > A. Antonella SPINAZZOLA 11:30 MITOS8L5 Genetic variants affecting NQO1 protein levels impact on efficacy of idebenone treatment in Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy > V. Valerio CARELLI 11:45 MITOS8L6 Neuroglobin overexpression in cerebellar neurons of Harlequin mice improves mitochondrial robustness and reduces ataxic behavior > M. Marisol CORRAL-DEBRINSKI 12:00 MITOS8L7 Double administration of self-complementary AAV9NDUFS4 prevents Leigh disease in Ndufs4−/− mice > C. Carlo VISCOMI
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